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Vilkul told what he would do in the first 100 days as a president

30 january 2019, 10:48 | officially

The first task of the new president should be to establish peace and quickly restart the peace process. This was stated by the MP – Aleksandr Vilkul on the ICTV channel in the talk show “Svoboda Slova (Freedom of Speech)”.

“I guarantee that in a day or two the people will stop shooting and dying,” – he added.

According to Vilkul, the establishment of sustainable peace is possible in 6-8 months. To this end, he proposes to hold direct negotiations between the United States and Russia, to ensure the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution. The next step is the introduction of a peacekeeping contingent, "without which we cannot do." Peacekeepers will be invited from countries traditionally friendly to Ukraine (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan), as well as neutral states (Finland, Austria, Sweden).

The interim administration under the aegis of the UN will start working in the Donbass, and then elections will be held under Ukrainian legislation. At the same time, Kyiv should adopt laws in the logic of the Minsk agreements. And finally, the completion of the peace process will be the complete reintegration of the Donbass.

“We will not go all this way in a hundred days, but in six months we will,” – Vilkul said.

In addition, Vilkul promises to restore contacts with the Crimea, which is an integral part of Ukraine and in which two million citizens of Ukraine live.

“In a month I will give water and I will restore economic relations with the Crimea,” – the MP noted. – “And Ukrainians will get support in the Ukrainian Crimea.”

The first hundred days after the election of a new president should also be spent on a qualitative leap in economic growth. Short terms should not be embarrassing – they are real if there is a team and a list of draft laws has been developed, as in the case of the OPPOSITION BLOC – Peace and Development Party.

“The working economy is high salaries, decent pensions, jobs and the return home of 9-10 million Ukrainians who work abroad,” – Vilkul emphasizes.

He also advocates the introduction of insurance medicine. “This will be fully implemented in the first half of the year after the elections, but in the first three months we will begin it,” – the opposition member said. Also, reforms in education will be initiated.

Also among the mandatory steps is the introduction of state control over the prices of socially important food products and bringing tariffs to a reasonable level.

"The state enterprise Ukrgazvidobuvannya produces enough gas to provide the population and our municipal sphere. Its cost price is 2 thousand UAH per thousand cubic meters, and they sell it to us at 8550 UAH. Why not reduce prices by half? More will remain on the development and drilling of new wells,” – Vilkul insists.

According to him, “a working family should not pay more than 15% of family income for utilities.”

Vilkul estimates the implementation of the entire program at six months, “but in three months, people will already see a specific result and feel that their purchasing power has increased, because the economy has started working, because prices are controlled and utility tariffs have decreased”. 

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